Our chocolate is made with only 2 basic ingredients - cacao beans and cane sugar. Therefore the quality as well as traceability is of highest importance to us.
Equally important to us is the environment and we take our planetary responsibility very serious.


    About 90% of all chocolate currently produced Worldwide is made from low quality cacao which is mass grown in West Africa under very poor working conditions. The chocolate, if you can call it that, is produced with a low cacao content, lots of refined sugar and cheap additives.
    We buy cacao beans of the highest quality and from friends only. We want to know personally who we are dealing with and we want to pay them well. The price we pay the farmers for their beans is way above Fairtrade level, securing them serious improvement of their living conditions. At the same time we know exactly what we get from which trees.

    It is very important for us to use organic ingredients only in our production. We guarantee that all cacao used in our chocolate is grown 100% organically and that no chemicals of any kind are used. If this was the case we would not buy the beans. It is however a costly and complicated affair for our cacao farmers to get the proper organic certifications even though they do for sure meet the requirements on their farms. We are currently working on helping them get properly certified, but until then please take our word for it.

    We have a strong aim to produce as little waste as possible. For this reason we use sustainably manufactured and biodegradable materials wherever possible, and we constantly seek to improve this where we can.
    • Our chocolate bars are wrapped in 100% compostable and chemical free paper made primarily of grass. It is printed in Copenhagen by KLS Pureprint - One of only 3 Cradle-to-Cradle certified printing houses on the planet.
    • The inner Bio-film is made of plant derived PLA and is likewise 100% compostable.
    • Due to the glue our labels and stickers are not compostable but they are printed on FSC certified paper with eco friendly ink and are fully recyclable.
    • We sort and recycle as much of our waste as possible.
    Please recycle our packaging and help us re-create a greener planet!