Our Process

We produce handcrafted chocolate in its purest form. From the dried, fermented cacao beans that we get directly from our farmers to the final chocolate bar the whole process is performed in our open workshop in Copenhagen.

It is actually really simple.

  • 1

    First we open a sack of fresh beans and smell their beauty.
  • 2

    Then we sort them by hand in order to separate occasional odd beans.
  • 3

    Then comes the roasting - our favorite part. This is by far the most crucial step in flavor development. For our main line we roast the beans in our Turkish, modified coffee roaster. A beautiful process where the beans roast to perfection inside a rotating drum. It requires constant attention though because cacao, like coffee, is complex and flavors change by the minute affecting the final taste greatly. But because we are truly Bean Geeks we also make small batches of beans that we roast the old school way - by hand in our wok over open fire. People say you can’t make good chocolate this way. That you can’t get an even roast. We say we can. Try one of our hand roasted bars and let us know what you think.
  • 4

    After roasting, the beans are cracked into nibs and the husk is separated in our custom built winnower. And yes it runs on a vacuum cleaner and a slow juicer...
  • 5

    The cacao nibs are now gently added in our melanger along with organic cane sugar. Over a period of several days this machine will refine and conch the 2 raw ingredients into a heavenly, liquid chocolate with its granite stone wheels. When the texture of the chocolate is as smooth as we like it, and all volatile flavors are evaporated, we pour the liquid into trays to let it solidify and age until final flavor development is reached.
  • 6

    After aging the chocolate is melted in our tempering machine which, by heating and cooling and
    re-heating the chocolate, creates the right structure of molecules inside the chocolate, giving it a
    nice, shiny surface and a crispy snap.
  • 7

    When the chocolate is in temper we pour it in the molds and let it cool until solid.
  • 8

    As the final step we gently wrap every chocolate bar by hand.
  • That’s it! We hope you will enjoy our handcrafted chocolate as much as we do.