Bean Geeks chocolate is a story about an odd gathering of 4 very passionate people who came together to redefine what chocolate is really about.

It goes a little something like this:

  • On a journey to Costa Rica, Danish photographer Mads Stigborg is one day given a piece of truly handcrafted chocolate at a local market. Completely blown away by its rich flavor, complexity and simple ingredients he discovers, for the first time in his life, what real chocolate tastes like.
  • Not aware there is a craft chocolate revolution growing rapidly around the World, Mads is introduced to local cacao farmer Daniel South, the man behind the tasty beans used in that chocolate. After a visit to Daniel’s picture perfect farm, grown completely naturally by hand and heart in the lush tropical jungle, Mads knows he has found something truly special.
  • He decides he must bring this home to the people of Copenhagen so he calls up Mikkel Borg Bjergsøe, founder of Mikkeller and one of the World’s most renowned craft beer brewers, and shares the idea.
  • Mikkel is excited but points out that Mads probably should learn the craft of chocolate making first. That makes great sense to the photographer so he puts down his camera and spends the next year roasting, smelling, cracking, refining, tempering and molding his Costa Rican cacao beans in his kitchen, while watching hours of youtube tutorials, writing endless notes and fine tuning his new passion to perfection.
  • Then one day a Danish soldier named Eskil Villarreal Berger shows up, fully dressed in desert uniform, and claims he’s running an equally beautiful cacao farm in Guatemala. Mads gets curious when he realizes that Eskil’s beans have just won a Cocoa Of Excellence award as some of the best, fine flavor cacao in the World. He runs a test batch with the new beans and is once again blown away.
  • An excellent match to his heavy Costa Rican gold, these extremely fruity, Guatemalan super beans complete the circle of goodness.
  • Back at the Mikkeller headquarters Mikkel is introduced to the 2 chocolates and is equally excited by their intense flavors. The team is now ready so the Beer Geek and the Bean Geek join forces in the Meatpacking District and set up Copenhagen’s first bean-to-bar chocolate factory and shop, with a production facility that is completely open to the public.
  • From here we make what we believe is the most pure, honest and flavorful chocolate with the simplest possible ingredients. Truly handcrafted from the bean with a minimal use of machines our chocolate is created fresh daily. No hidden additives, no secrets, always organic ingredients.