Costa Rica 70% - DARK ROAST

40,00 kr

Single estate dark chocolate with directly traded cacao beans from a small farmer and dear friend in San Andrés, Costa Rica

Info: For this version we roasted the cacao beans dark in our modified coffee roaster to enhance the deep, nutty flavours. Try our light roasted version for slightly sweeter honey notes and a bit more sharpness and complexity!

Tasting notes: Earthy. Woody. Roasted nuts. Subtle coffee notes. Deep but sweet chocolate flavour with a very low acidity.

Ingredients: Cacao beans, organic cane sugar.

Vegan. Gluten Free. All pure, organic and sustainably grown ingredients!

May contain traces of nuts.

  • San Andrés, Costa Rica
  • Matina - Heirloom Forastero

  • 2019
  • Modified coffee roaster
  • 70
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